Missing Children

Multi-agency Missing Child Notification Pack(GRAB pack) – July 2015

Harrow Missing Children Protocol – June  2016

London Procedure for Safeguarding Children Missing From Education and Care

London Procedure for Safeguarding Children Missing From Education and Care: Appendices

Children Missing from Education Briefing

Children Missing from Education Checklist

Children Missing from Education Information Leaflet

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The growing public concern around child sexual exploitation (CSE) has led to a focus on the link between CSE and going missing and this is now beginning to have an impact on policy and practice.

The link between gang involvement and young people going missing from home and/or at risk of CSE has not had the same policy attention.  This report highlights the connection between the two.

Running the Risks – The links between gang involvement and YP going missing:
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The link between Asylum seeking children and YP going missing.

Research reveals that up to 50% of the unaccompanied children accommodated go missing from certain reception facility in some countries in the European Union, and in many cases information about the child’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Access the report ‘Best practices and key challenges on interagency cooperation to safeguard unaccompanied children from going missing’.

What to do if you are worried about a child. To discuss concerns or make a referral: